Full Version: DS720+ plus IronWolf Pro 10TB = no hibernation?
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On Synology's compatibility checker (, it lists two entries for IronWolf Pro 10 TB. The "second one", for model ST10000NE0008 - 2PL103, has this sentence on it: "The hibernation feature is not recommended for this drive."

I don't wish to give up the hibernation feature.

Looking at sellers online, I only see the model number ST10000NE0008, without additional I won't know exactly what I'm getting, until it arrives.

So my question is, am I going to have a problem with hibernation mode, if I pair up a DS720+ with two IronWolf Pro 10TB drives?

Thank you!
Yes, I would go for WD Red Plus drives if you want to hibernate. Pro drives with a 1GbE NAS are not very useful. Unless you run a web server or virtual machines where goods IOPS are required. Otherwise, you get these better performing drives and you are limited to ethernet speed which is 100MB/s.I hope this helps.