Full Version: Witch Synology to get DS220+ or DS720+?
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Im new to synology been using Free NAS for a while now i want to use synology because of the Moments app. Im just gonna use this nas for Photo backup and photo arhiving and serching all personal.. witch one is good enough for my purpose a DS220+ or a DS720+. and i want to keep this as long as possible so withc one do you thing will still be software upgradable longer.. thank you in advance.. seen almost all you videos in youtube about NAS.. keep it up..
In your situation bot NAS will perform equally well. DS720+ with two extra CPU cores could run more things at the same time and it could be expanded and have SSD cache. But this is not something you might need, apart from expansion maybe.Both NAS allow RAM upgrade which is a thing to consider. This makes it a future-proof choice.I hope this helps.