Full Version: Synology ds1621xs?
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We work in the construction industry producing 3d cad models using autodesk revit software. I need to share and synchronise files and between 6 engineers, all working remotely. I need help understanding a full list of accessories required to build a system that we can expand over time. Any help would be much appreciated.
There are two ways to deal with this. One option is to create virtual machines and another option is to synchronise the projects.The XS series NAS allows you to create fairly fast virtual machines. Every user then can connect to a NAS and work with the projects in this virtual environment. You could also set up an automatic folder synchronization. As you work everyone's folder will be synced to a central NAS system,If your team works on the same project simultaneously then virtual machine option will be better, or connecting to a computer at the office via remote desktop and have an access toa NAS this way.I hope this helps.