Full Version: Replace Netgear Readynas NV +?
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Hi I'd like to replace my old Netgear ReadyNAS NV + with a new NAS that supports wireless connections. I think I would prefer SSD drives over HDD because I'd like to bring it along when we travel in our motorhome and with HDD drives I have to shut it down when we travel due to vibration, bumps and shakeing. It will serve as storage for about 2TB of photo files and 1TB for audio files for a SONOS sound system using HDMI ARC. The audio files will tend to grow slowly as will the photo files, although not quicly. we use Win laptops, ipads and smart tv and dvd devices. Possibly I would also use it to store and serve video files like movies. I would like a fairly small footprint, so a 4 bay would be sufficient. I have a background in IT and support my own small home network. GB ethernet support would be good as there are times when a hard connection is useful. Please let me know if you need any more information.

can you recommend a NAS and appropritae drives for this?

James Wilkerson
I would recommend slim series NAS such as DS620slim or even DS419slim (limited version). You can then connect it to a 4G/5G router like this would make it accessible over the WiFi. You can also consider battery-powered hotspots you can connect to powered models are great for multimedia. It will convert videos on the fly if the connection is too slow or the destination device is not compatible.There is so much you can do.Also, SSD is a good choice. You can only fill 2-3 bays and leave others free for later expansion.I hope this helps.