Full Version: Which Raid Should I Go For; 5, 6 or SHR?
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Hi there. I am finding your tutorials really helpful for a beginner!. I have just bought a Synology DS1520+ with five 8TB Seagate Pro Iron Wolf Hard Disks.

It is basically just my wife and myself using this NAS and I moved to using NAS as I have an array of external disks, two of which failed along with their back up. So I thought it time to grow up!

My wife and I want to share documents, but I also want to access my photo library using Lightroom which is notorious for being slow if the images are not on the same drive. So read/write speed is important above capacity and cost.

I do also like the idea of SHR and the option of adding larger disks later on, but after my recent experience redundancy is also very important.

Obviously I realise that my NAS is not a back up and will have external back up, offsite and in the cloud for key documents.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

The performance will be very similar to any RAID you choose. I would choose SHR1 for one drive redundancy or if you want to feel safer you can go for SHR2 with 2 drive redundancy.This will be useful to have an option to replace a few drives with bigger size later on.I hope this helps.