Full Version: Video Editing NAS 8K Requirements?
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Video Editing NAS 8K Requirements

What we do is video edit, primarily RED 8K footage our projects tend to be 1-2TB in size and real-time editing is a must. We currently have several TB2 and TB3 G-Tech Studio XL’s that we use and edit straight from there. I’ve looked at the DS3617xs and Qnap – TS-1677X and TS-1685-D1521 (although I am not sure what the difference really is other than processor type) I need at least 12 available slots for storage with the ability to upgrade in the future so the TB3 Qnap is out. There are 2-3 editors working on a project at any given time and speed is a big concern of mine as it works well with TB 2&3 connected drives and I don’t want to have things slow down. We are all on 6K iMac’s released last year and would also need to factor in a TB3 to 10Gbe connection and any possible slowdowns with that. Hopefully, that explains my situation and any advice would be great! Keep up the great work!
Yes, DS3617xs and Qnap – TS-1677X and TS-1685-D1521 only differ with a CPU model slightly. All of these NAS will easily cope with 4K and 8K editing needs.Something to keep an eye open for is the number of PCIe slots. The x1685 features two PCIe Gen3 x8 slots and one PCIe Gen2 x4 slot, supporting 10GbE/ 40GbE adapters as well as PCIe NVMe SSD for caching (or really fast volume). I would personally pick one the rackmounts like RS3617xs+ or TS-1277XU, but these require a sound-insulated server room.Either way, you need to stick with a Xeon, Ryxen or Intel core i based CPU in order to ensure the best performance (it is needed for the RAID and faster ethernet operations).All NAS models mentioned are expandable (rackmounts easier than desktops).I hope this helps.