Full Version: Hyper back up for business versus hyper back up
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Hello. I’m kinda confused between hyper back up and hyper back up for business. I have all my important files saved on a drive in my closet just in case. However, I’d like to be able to back up all the settings and the virtual machines and the docker containers. I’m confused as to which method I should use to make a copy of my Nas and all its files and settings. I was going to buy another Synology to do this, I’m just not sure which route to go .

God forbid System crash. I’d like to just restore from a back up and everything be exactly the way it is now.

Thanks for all your help.
When it comes to backing up your NAS, both Hyper Backup and Hyper Backup for Business offer robust solutions, but they cater to slightly different needs:

Hyper Backup:

Hyper Backup is a versatile backup solution designed for personal users and small businesses.
It allows you to back up your data, applications, and system settings efficiently.
With Hyper Backup, you can create scheduled backups, choose from various backup destinations (such as external drives, network locations, or cloud services), and encrypt your backups for added security.
This solution is suitable for most home users and small businesses looking to protect their data and settings.
Hyper Backup for Business:

Hyper Backup for Business offers advanced features tailored for larger businesses and enterprises.
It provides support for more extensive backup environments, including multiple NAS devices and centralized management.
With Hyper Backup for Business, you get additional features like multi-version backup, backup rotation, and enhanced data deduplication.
This solution is ideal for organizations with complex IT infrastructures and stringent backup requirements.
Based on your description, it sounds like Hyper Backup would be a suitable choice for your needs. It allows you to back up all your important files, settings, virtual machines, and Docker containers efficiently. You can schedule regular backups and store them on another Synology NAS or an external drive for added redundancy.

In the event of a system crash, you can easily restore from your Hyper Backup, ensuring that everything is restored exactly as it was before.