Full Version: Qumagie / Tailscale
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Hello Ed and Robbie, I hope you are both well.

Have either of you ever used Qumagie and Tailscale successfully together to access Nas for outside the local network?

If so can you please help me?

I can not get Qumagie to connect to the server outside of my local network.

When I log in to Tailscale it says that my NAS and Phone are connected. I ever turned my Firewall off and tested again and it did not make a difference.

I think that I am putting in the wrong info on the Qumagie app. Best guess.

I am more than Happy to pay you for your help.

Please let me know.

Thank you,

Glad to hear that Tailscale is up and running, and you've established connections between your NAS and phone! Once Tailscale is installed and the connection is established, you'll need to use the Tailscale-provided IP addresses to access your NAS from outside the local network, just as you would within the local network without a VPN.

When you're trying to connect using Qumagie or any other remote access app, make sure you're using the Tailscale IP address assigned to your NAS. This IP address will typically be in the 100.x.x.x range. You can find the Tailscale IP addresses for your devices by checking the Tailscale dashboard or using the Tailscale CLI tool.