Full Version: Enterprise Drives vs Consumer Drives
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Hi Love your reviews on YT!
I want to get my first NAS. I would like advice on Consumer vs Enterprise drives. The NAS will be in my living room. I will use for editing, store photos, backup phone, store general docs/files, Plex server. I will have maybe 5-10Gb of raw video footage weekly (my kids sports) to edit into highlights.
Cost difference doesnt matter but I do care about stability, performance, I dont want to drives to fail. I do care about noise levels (and I believe this is where I need advice). The shop told me that in sleep mode it is quiet, but what if we watch a movie on Plex? BTW, I can probably set the software to sync backups at night after we sleep so it does less work while we are home in the evenings right?
Thanks guys, I appreciate it!
Thanks for reaching out and for your kind words about our YT reviews! It sounds like you've got quite the plan for your first NAS setup. When it comes to choosing between consumer and enterprise drives, there are a few things to consider.

For your usage scenario, where stability, performance, and noise levels are key factors, I'd recommend going with smaller capacity WD Red Plus drives. These drives strike a great balance between affordability, reliability, and performance, making them an ideal choice for your living room NAS setup. With WD Red Plus drives, you can trust that your data will be safe and accessible, whether you're storing photos, backing up files, running a Plex server, or editing videos of your kids' sports highlights.

Regarding noise levels during movie playback on Plex, most NAS systems are designed to be quiet during regular operation, including media streaming. Plus, setting backup tasks to run overnight can help minimize any potential disruption during evening use.