Full Version: Plex - do i need to upgrade
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I have DS418play running plex, 3 kids and 2 parents are sometimes using server across 5 or more devices.

Am i asking to much of this NAS, should I be looking to upgrade?

Content is mostly 1080p, though all new content is 4k where possible.

About to abandon streaming services and go solely with plex, want to be best prepared.

Many thanks
Thank you for reaching out with your inquiry regarding your DS418play NAS and its suitability for running Plex Media Server. Based on your usage scenario and requirements, here are some considerations:

Current Setup Evaluation:

The DS418play is a capable NAS, especially for streaming media and serving content to multiple devices simultaneously.
With its hardware transcoding capabilities, it should handle 1080p content without significant issues, even across multiple streams.
Transition to 4K Content:

While the DS418play supports hardware transcoding for 4K content, it's essential to note that transcoding 4K media requires considerably more processing power compared to 1080p content.
If you anticipate a significant increase in 4K content consumption across multiple devices simultaneously, you might experience performance limitations with the DS418play.
Considerations for Upgrading:

If you're planning to switch to 4K content exclusively and expect heavy concurrent usage across multiple devices, it might be worth considering an upgrade to a more powerful NAS model.
Look for NAS models with stronger CPU and transcoding capabilities, such as the Synology DS423+.
The DS423+ offers better performance for handling 4K transcoding and supporting multiple concurrent streams effectively.

Investing in a more powerful NAS now can help future-proof your setup and ensure smooth streaming experiences as your media library and usage patterns evolve.
Additionally, newer NAS models often come with updated features, improved hardware, and longer support lifecycles, providing better value in the long run.
Considering your budget and requirements, I recommend exploring options like the DS423+ to ensure optimal performance and scalability for your Plex Media Server setup.

Before you upgrade, check if existing NAS works.