Full Version: Beedrive hard drive upgrade
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Hello. I really enjoyed the video you made. Is there any compatibility problem when upgrading the hard drive to 16 TB? How many TBs do you think are the limit? I want to upgrade to 16TB. Of course, if possible. What do you think about this?

example]WD RED PRO NAS 16TB

I would like to upgrade to the maximum upgradeable capacity.

Thank you for reading my question.
I'm glad you found the video helpful! When considering upgrading your Beedrive NAS's hard drive to 16TB, it's essential to ensure compatibility, especially with the power supply.

Fortunately, the Beedrive NAS comes equipped with a robust 3-amp, 36-watt power supply. This reliable power source not only supports the upgrade to a 16TB WD Red Pro NAS drive but also has the capacity to handle even larger drives if needed.

Opting for the 16TB WD Red Pro NAS drive aligns perfectly with your goal of maximizing storage capacity. With this choice, you'll have ample space for your home files and future expansion, all supported by the Beedrive NAS's dependable power supply.