Full Version: LTE Business Router
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I have watched your YouTube channel and in particular your demonstration of the Motorola RUTx50. I am looking for advice on an excellent starter model that will be deployed in an home/office environment and also deployed in harsh environments whilst travelling. Mainly to countries like Kenya, Zambia and parts of Asia. Plus, the model(s) has to be similar or as close to the RUTx50.

Many thanks

Thanks for reaching out! It's great to hear that you found the demonstration of the Motorola RUTx50 helpful. For your needs, especially considering deployment in both home/office environments and harsh travel conditions, I'd recommend looking into the Peplink MAX BR1 Mini.

The MAX BR1 Mini offers similar features to the RUTx50, including robust LTE connectivity, reliable performance, and durable construction suitable for harsh environments. It's compact, making it ideal for both stationary and mobile use. Additionally, it supports multiple LTE bands, ensuring compatibility with networks in countries like Kenya, Zambia, and various parts of Asia.