Full Version: Can someone advise a QNAP replace for a Synology
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I'm seeking advice on finding a suitable QNAP replacement for my current setup:
* Synology DS1522+ with a DX517.
* Fitted with 1 x 2.5" SSD.
* 2 x NVMe.
* 9 x 3.5" HDD in RAID 6.
* 10Gb NIC.

* My software setup includes running; Win 10 in a VM (JUST for Amazon photo backup).
* Radarr, Sonarr, with a VPN in a Synology VM
* DS Audio (for music in the car).
* Jellyfin.
* DS Cam
* DS Photo (AKA Photos, for iPhone photo/video backup).

I also have my USB label printer connected, with the Synology acting as a print server.
I've been told that this print server function might not work well on QNAP.

Furthermore, I've upgraded the RAM myself and encountered an error message about non-Synology recommended memory modules. Despite running a memory check that returned all fine after a test, I keep getting a 'Checksum mismatch' on Synology even with new drives. Additionally, Jellyfin struggles with on-the-fly hardware re-encoding.
This was not a cheap unit, and I've also lost the Seagate extra testing option.

I've been eyeing the 16-Bay QNAP models, specifically the TS-1655, which fits my budget. It comes with 2 x NVMe, 4 x 2.5", and 12 x 3.5", & 2.5Gb NIC.

I appreciate any recommendations for a QNAP unit that would suit my needs. Can someone also confirm if adding an Nvidia 1650TI for enhanced graphical capabilities, especially with Jellyfin, is feasible?

I fell a little dishearten with Synology as I've been with them years coming from 1 Bay models, to 2, 4, 5, 8, and now with the expansion unit 10 bays and I fell they are dropping the ball for price to performance/features.

Looking forward to your valuable input!

Cheers Rich
Looking at your setup, the QNAP TS-646 seems like a good fit. It offers the storage capacity you need with the right mix of bays. However, if you're considering adding an Nvidia 1650TI for enhanced graphical capabilities, keep in mind that for remote 4K transcoding, it's typically supported on QNAP's 72x or 88 series.
Hi, Thanks for the reply.
I am having a real issue finding the QNAP TS-646 model, I've googled it and also searched on the QNAP website with no luck.
I'm a little confused why you recommend a 46 series if I really need a 72x or 88 series?
Any advice/help on this would be great, thanks.