Full Version: Connecting NAS to network
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I love your youtube channel and have leaned much from it. Thank you for that.

I have a computer with one 2.5G RJ45 port and I recently purchased a QNAP TS-464 NAS which has two 2.5G rj45 ports , I also have an ASUS GT-AX11000 Router with one 2.5G port one WAN port and four 1G ports. I am wondering what the best way to connect the Computer and NAS to my router so I will have the fastest transfer speeds from computer to NAS and still be able connect to the internet.

I was thinking of connecting the 2.5G computer port to one 2.5G NAS port then the other 2.5G NAS port to the 2.5G router port but wasn't sure if my computer would be able to access the internet connected in that way.

What is your advise?

Thanks for your kind words about the channel! Regarding your setup, connecting your computer directly to one of the 2.5G NAS ports and the other NAS port to the 2.5G router port is a viable option for optimal transfer speeds between your computer and NAS. This direct connection can give you high-speed local transfers. However, if you want both high-speed local transfers and internet access simultaneously, you might consider getting a 2.5G Ethernet switch. Alternatively, you can connect your computer directly to the NAS for local transfers and use one of the NAS ports to connect to the switch, enabling both direct and switched connections for flexible usage.