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Synology HAT5300 Review: Requests and Recommendations?

Robbie, in the upcoming videos related to the Synology HAT5300 drive, please consider exploring the following topics. [1] Is the Synology HAT5300 8TB drive considerably louder than the 12TB model? Assuming that Synology HAT5300-8T = Toshiba MG06 and HAT5300-12T = MG07, the acoustic specifications (idle) published by Toshiba are 34db versus 20db. [2] Will the Synology HAT5300 16TB drive be approved for use in a DiskStation NAS? At present, the Synology HAT5300-16T only appears in the Synology Products Compatibility List for RackStation units. [3] Please compare a Synology HAT5300-8T against a Toshiba MG06, to contrast the performance of the ‘same’ hardware with different firmware. [4] When examining the performance of a Synology HAT5300 drive, please vary the number of simultaneous clients in a multi-user RAID environment. According to Synology’s data sheet for the HAT5300, the drive does not deliver better performance than others when the number of clients is few. Thank you.
DA Datanas asked on 24 February 2021, 22:25
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DS1621xs+ Maximum M.2 NVMe cache SSD?

What is the upper limit, in terms of speed and size for the two cache slots on a Synology DS1621xs+? Thank you.
DD Ddodge2 asked on 16 February 2021, 03:30
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DC Hardwire Question?

I need to direct hardwire a Synology NAS (DS 920+) to 12 V DC. I need to install it in my motorhome. The 'brick' that Synology provides has 120 V AC input and 12.5 v 5A DC output. So in theory, it should be possible to directly wire it into my 12 v DC system. I believe the brick uses a 5 pin DIN connector to the NAS. Does anyone know what the wiring schematic might be for that connector? Synology does not sell a direct wire kit and there is no doc describing the wiring. I could use an inverter, I know, but that is quite an inefficient way to go. 12 VDC to 120VAC to 12VDC. Thanks.
WA Wagwar asked on 15 February 2021, 18:39
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Itunes and iPhoto migration for new NAS user - very confused?

Hello, First thanks for the great videos on the site and for any help you all can provide. The videos helped convince my brother and I to jump into the NAS World. But I am about to blow my brains out! I have spent hours scouring you tube and the internet looking for simple clear step by step advice on how to (1) move my music library from iTunes to the NAS. Should I mirror the library on my old iMac? Give up on iTunes and go all in on either Audio Station or maybe Plex? If I move exactly which files must be part of the migration? Why use the iTunes server app on the NAS - does it offer advantages over audio station? Or should I skip the Synology apps and go straight to Plex? (2) Same questions essentially for photos and home videos. They are a mess now and in different file formats some that the iMac will not read (think old camera phone videos from 18 years ago). Mirror iPhoto or move it all to the NAS? I assume it will be best to go to Moments to have that program clean up and organize things. At that point do I move the cleaned and organized files to photo station? I am surprised there is not more hand holding in Synology's setup to help newbies like myself. Any help or guidance or resources would be appreciated. Thanks again for the videos
DC Dctrimble asked on 15 February 2021, 14:13
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Which UPS (Power Consumption Vs Max PSU Load) - Head Scratcher ?

Greetings...have been a subscribed supporter and customer over the years and have learnt much so for the, I thank you. Two power cuts in the space of 8 hours this week has caused me to bring the timetable on searching for a UPS forward dramatically. I run an old QNAP TS239Pro and a newer Synology DS918+ (3 10TB drives). Also running a Mac mini 2012 model (this runs my Plex media server, with all the content sitting on the Synology...legacy from when i tried running PMS on the QNAP years failed miserably due to some kind of bottle necking). I am keen not to lose any data or the hardware through failure of power unexpectedly. So, having watched a couple of your video's (twice and thrice over), i'm a little embarrassed to say that although i have a little technical understanding, this time, it's just not translated enough to enable me to decide WHICH UPS to for in terms of VA rating. I'm hoping you can help...My issue (mentally) is knowing whether to look at the power 'consumption' rating of the devices OR the power rating of their respective power supply units? Hope that makes sense. Synology - PSU = 100W but Consumption = 28.8W QNAP - PSU = ??W but Consumption = 24W Mac Mini - 'Max Power' = 85W but 'Normal/Idle = 11W Asus AC68U Router - 33.25W but Normal/Idle = 10W Can you advise which of the UPS i should be looking at based on the above ratings? Should i be adding up the consumption/normal/idle values or the PSU/Max Power ratings and then woking out the headroom based on the totals representing a 40% value? APC or Cyberpower? Decisions decisions. Hope you can help... Regards
TH Thehumblenas asked on 11 February 2021, 14:04
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DS220J good for one or two 1080p cameras?

I don't have a NAS yet but was wondering if the DS220J had good enough hardware to support one or two 1080p surveillance cameras. I would not use it for much else besides file transfer related jobs. I already have a plex server so I wouldn't use the NAS for that. I know the 512MB RAM would be an issue but I would plan on only using one camera with the slight chance of two. This woudl be for home use. Would 720P resolution be better for hardware limitations?
CH Chaoticwhizz asked on 03 February 2021, 21:38
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Synology Integrity check /USB drives/?

Hi, recently jut bought the DS920+ synology. Like to use this device to backup all pictures and inportant files...and more To this time I done backup for files, images, videos on numerous HDD, many times same files dumped for more HDD to not to loose data. You can image for searching files is nightmare. Some of them was power off for a year/years. Like to copy to my nas but got same file on more hdd. HOW can I check integrity on files which is better version / on for storing version, files not changed/ on which harddrive. running some program to check it is any corruption . I heard that data could be rot when data just sitting on drive not rewrote on disk. Example got 9 disk and 3of them have File A, other 4have File B . How can I know which is not rot? The files is in Folders, the Main folder name is AAA then only A files inside, so there is no mismach for running program. I could run some program on disk 1 folder AAA, disk 2 folder AAA. Just not sure which data is correct or which is corrupted. To open one by one would take a year/years :D Please help me out if you can, if not understand let me know Thank you
DZ Dzsovanni asked on 03 February 2021, 17:43
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Recommendation for Upgrading from DS1513+?

Hi, love the videos, thank you for what you do! I need help in a bit more direction of what to purchase. Currently, I have a DS1513+ (purchased when it first came out) I put 5 x 3TB WD Green Drives (5400rpm). I was complete newbie to the NAS world. My Drobo had died so I just purchased the first thing that was recommended to me by friends. It’s setup in SHR-2 configuration. After 7 years, it is 95% filled, the RAM was upgraded at time of purchase. Everything is sluggish. I am beginning to receive emails of bad sectors. I figured it was time to upgrade. I was initially leaning towards the RS1221+ (I have a rack in the closet) but the video you posted gave me lots to think about spending the money elsewhere. I started looking at the DS1821+, I was debating of starting fresh with either 6TB or 8TB drives (in an SHR-2) configuration. Now after watching lots of videos, I am not sure what to buy (or maybe the DS1621+)? Current uses for our NAS: it is the master archive of our home/home office/family/friends for the last decade. I have a backup to the cloud for the important things and a passport drive for the utmost emergency items (in case of death, etc). Lots of multimedia creation happens in the house, audio recordings, editing, photography sessions, we haven’t really focused on video at all. Mainly lots of audio and photos. Plex as well from time to time, not huge. The DS1513+ will be repurposed for either backup or anything else that I can mess around with. Lastly, I have Unifi Router, Access Points, and PoE switch in the house. Main computer is the M1 Mac Mini. 2 Macbook Pros, and a handful of iPads, iPhones. All of which ultimately connect to the NAS and backup to it as well. Recommendation for which Synology NAS? How much would I benefit from a RAM or NVME upgrade? Would you go with 6TB drives or 8TB drives? (I have a bad habit of buying all drives in one shot versus adding as I need) Thank you for your help!
MF Mfanous asked on 31 January 2021, 06:27
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DS920+ RAM upgrade not recognized in VMM (but elsewhere it is!)?

I've added a 16 GB module to my Synology DS920+. It all seems to work very well, but the Virtual Machine Manager still says I have only 4 GB available on my host. See attached image. Any advice on why this is happening? The main reason for upgrading, was to allocate more RAM to VM, so it is quite a bummer. I'm using Kingston DDR4 - 16 GB - SO DIMM 260-pin. Part number KCP426SD8/16. (Thank you very much for your advice on the unofficial RAM upgrade option! And all your advice on Nascompares in general!)
DS920+ RAM upgrade not recognized in VMM (but elsewhere it is!)?
MA Markus asked on 19 January 2021, 14:16
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2x Drives SHR (without data protection) Can I swap one?

Hi All - I've just upgraded from my VERY basic 213J to a 720+...needless to say, it's like night & day. I had 2x 3TB drives originally, but one failed a couple of years ago, replaced with a 4TB. I set them up for maximum storage rather than have redundancy, because the NAS was used as a back up for my PC Now I've found how much you can do with a faster NAS, I'm thinking of replacing the 3TB with a 6TB and having it as back up for all 4 of us in the house. I'd still use my 100GB Google Drive account though as an additional off-site solution for my pics & vids of the kids growing up my NAS box is just a few feet away from my main PC, so a house fire would mean precious memories would be lost forever! Looking at the drives in DSM I can see the larger 4TB drive is about 60% used, the smaller 3TB drive only 8%. What prep would I need to do so I can replace the 3TB with a new it even possible without having to start from scratch & re-copy everything over again from my PC? Thanks for any advice....
TE Terrybull asked on 18 January 2021, 16:22
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NAS options for streaming with SONOS PORT?

I've found the information you provide on your site and on videos posted on Youtube very helpful. Thanks for your work. I'm new to music streaming. I have a SONOS PORT device that I'm using to stream from Spotify. Next step is to rip the ample (600-700) family CD collection and move the data to a NAS for streaming purposes. Based on the information I've seen you present and what I've seen on the Synology site, I've been focusing on the Synology DS220+. 3.5 years ago in a video you posted on the subject of choosing a NAS for purposes of streaming with SONOS devices, you suggested the DS216+ as a viable option. In the intervening years, is there any new information to indicate that the DS220+ isn't a reasonably equivalent choice? Is there something else you might suggest I consider? I also plan to use this device for basic backup of family computers (including a fair number of photos that I'd like to organize), of which there are four. Besides the additional capacity, does the DS720+ give me anything, feature-wise that might be useful enough for me to consider? I reside in the U.S. Thanks in advance.
BS Bsaffery asked on 16 January 2021, 01:37
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First NAS as a Video Professional: for Back-up and File Sharing?

Hi @nas ! I'm an animation and video freelancer, and I'm curious to get a 2-bay NAS so that: 1. 2 separate laptops can each have their own more robust and automatic back-up in a centralized location. 2. 2 separate laptops can access and share work files on the NAS I'm looking at 3 options: 1. Just buy a Hard drive and back-up my laptop every so often (but this doesnt solve problem 2) 2. Buy the Synology DS220J as a more affordable entry-level NAS - From a price point, this is attractive. Will the performance be an issue? My main uses for the NAS will just be Back-up and File Sharing. We probably wont be working on files Directly on the NAS (though that would be nice too, is that only possible on the 220+?) 3. Spring for the extra cash and go with the DS220+ - This is probably my cap in terms of price for now. Is there much difference between the 220+ and the 220J if my concerns are just back-up, file sharing, and file access?
CA Carlgraham_ asked on 05 January 2021, 16:49
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Synology transfer speed issues?

Hello forum, I've recently purchased and configured a Synology DS720+ for music library/streaming in home environment. The NAS is configured with dual WD Red Pro 8tb drives, 2x Samsung 970 pro SSD + 16gb of memory. The NAS is attached directly to a Netgear X6S wireless router (gigabit speed capable) using the included Cat6 cable from Synology. I've configured the storage and added a volume, plus enabled the SSD caching. I've tweaked the SMB setting, disabling transport encryption as described by Synology. Despite all of this, I can only get 1-2 MB/s transfers over the wired network. This is appalling! By the way, if one googles "Synology transfer speed issue", you will find dozens of links to various blogs, Synology support forum, Reddit forum, Tom's Guid, Anandtech ....blah blah. Apparently this has been a problem for at least a decade from the limited research I have done. So has anyone come up with a fix????
RA Ratbastrd asked on 30 December 2020, 22:19
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First NAS and I need to run CrashPlanPro -- QNAP or Synology?

I will soon be purchasing my first NAS and NASCompares & the YouTube videos have been invaluable. I'm not TOO technically minded, but I do use an Ubuntu Desktop as my primary computer and am an Android phone user. Though I was originally considering Synology, I now (thanks in large part to NASCompares) feel that QNAP is a better fit for me. I will have 4x12TB Seagate NAS drives and was planning on either the TS-453D (with 8GB) or the DS920+. I will primarily be using it for Plex and also storing massive amounts of photos & archive videos. I would very much like to use CrashPlan for small Business which seems to generally work on both. The comments under this video: seem to indicate that it may no longer be a working solution for CrashPlan on QNAP, but this video indicates that CrashPlan will work on Synology using Docker: -- will that same Docker solution also work on QNAP via Container Station?
DI Digitzingman asked on 11 December 2020, 05:36
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Looking for the least expensive 2-Bay Synology NAS capable to transcode HD video on Plex?

I´m looking for a Synology NAD with two bays capable to transcode HD video as a Plex server. I saw mixed reviews on the DS220j and DS220+ series. Any advice is appreciated.
Looking for the least expensive 2-Bay Synology NAS capable to transcode HD video on Plex?
SO Sodadigital asked on 09 December 2020, 16:53
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Need Help Selecting Synology Rackmount NAS - Q1 2021?

I will be looking for a new Synology rack mount NAS in the first quarter of 2021. I have a a DS3615xs offering ~87TB available storage (10 x 12TB drives RAID 6). About 50TB is in use. That machine runs a Plex server offering movies, TV, music and audiobooks. It also runs Cloud Sync to copy data to Google Drive, Hyper Backup to backup to a DS1010+ every six hours via Rsync, Cloud Station, and Synology Chat. The DS3615xs has a number of CIFS shares on it as well as an NFS datastore for vSphere. It's connected via 10G Ethernet. I want to replace that unit with something higher-performing, newer, and rack mountable, since all my servers and most other devices are now in a rack. The DS3615xs would sit on top of the rack and serve as a backup target or node in a two-node Synology cluster, if possible. I am looking for 10G connectivity, M.2 NVMe caching and good performance with NFS and iSCSI as shared storage for a vSphere cluster. Can you assist with a recommendation? Thank you.
JN Jnew1213 asked on 08 December 2020, 18:51
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Need help buying a NAS?

I am Having a little difficulty choosing a NAS. My use cases are for For backups, Business file services, surveillance, downloading hard copy movies to NAS for plex, and scanning personal pictures and photographs. I live in Canada Ontario if that helps you with your search. The file services portion is the most important however we still want a NAS that can consistently do the other things. our budget like listed above is $800 CAD to $1400 CAD $1500 CAD being ABSOLOUTE max. this price is not including the price of the drives as we will slowly build up the # of drives. I really hope you can help just like your videos helped me choose out our first NAS. BTW we need anywhere from 6-8 drive bays Thanks, Konrad
KO Konrad asked on 02 December 2020, 17:59
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AI Cameras with Synology Serveillance Station?

I have a Synology DS-718+ and use Surveillance Station. One problem is that Surveillance Station does not let you use AI the the DS series NAS devices. It only works on the DVA or NVR series devices which are dedicated devices. Some of the newer security cameras have AI built into them. Instead of triggering and recording movement from every shadow, branch, dog or bird, they are able to recognize people or automobiles. I was wondering if these new AI features of these cameras can be used to trigger an event on Surveillance Station running on a DS-718+. It would be nice to get AI functionality on a DS-718+. Will this work?
NO Norm asked on 02 December 2020, 02:58
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Buy DS1819+ now or wait for DS1821+?

I'm looking for a new Synology NAS and I believe 8-bay is the sweet spot for me (I like to use RAID6). My current 'old faithful' (~8yr old) NAS is a DS1812+, which has always been rock solid and is the reason I want to remain loyal to Synology tbh. I've read some absolute horror stories about unreliability and eventual NAS-death caused by dodgy Atom CPUs used in the DS1815 and DS1817 units, which worries me a bit. I understand the newer CPUs used in the DS1819 don't suffer the same issues... but it makes me worry a bit about the 'new kid on the block' - at least in Synology boxes - AMD Ryzen CPUs. Any advice or opinions on which to choose - DS1819 or DS1821 - would be much appreciated please!
GA Gainfulshrimp asked on 26 November 2020, 10:29
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DS1621+ vs DS1520+ for media playback?

I have watched lots of your videos on the DS920+ (as you don't have some of the Plex and video station review reviews for the DS1520+) and the DS1621+trying to figure out which one is the best for watching movies and dealing with bigger, denser files, including 4K HEVC. I can't seem to figure out which NAS will be best. While the Celeron chip on the DS1520+ seems like it would be better as it has a little GPU capabilities on the CPU, the AMD Ryzen is a beefier chip and seems to come off better on your videos even though it is doing software transcoding on HEVC. The price difference between the 2 NAS's isn't an issue (happy to pay more for the DS1621+). But which one is the better NAS for video playback (Plex and Video Station), especially at 4K HEVC? Also, if I go for the DS1621+, would a RAM upgrade or NVMEe SSD for cacheing help with video playback?
BS Bstubbs asked on 10 November 2020, 21:13
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