Combining SSD Cache with M2D18 Card?

Hi there, First off, great website! Lots of in-depth helpful info! I have a slightly strange question. I'm running a Synology RS3617RPxs with a bunch of HDDs and 2 x Intel Enterprise class SSDs as Cache, installed in 2 of the drive bays. These SSD's equal around 480GB of Cache. Is it possible to install the M2D18 card with M.2 drives and use this as additional Cache? Along side the existing Intel SDD cache setup? Or is it limited to one option or the other. On the Synology website it states: RS3617RPxs with M2D18 can only support M.2 SATA SSD. M.2 NVMe/AHCI PCIe SSD is not supported. Would using the M2D18 yield any performance increase when used without NVMe SSDs ?- When compared to the existing Intel SSD configuration? Many thanks for your advice!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 April 2020, 17:00
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WD Red NAS Drives and SMR - UPDATE

Discuss: WD Red NAS Drives and SMR - UPDATE
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Best nas software for home built?

I have a older pc I built in 2014 for a NAS running win 7 then upgraded to win 10. just runs plex for windows headless. 1gbe cat 7 cable, 4tb NAS Seagate drives in raid 0. its been a good server for me but ever since going to win 10 home the file transfer from pc to server and vice versa has not worked at all. as well the old amd Athlon 5350 is showing its age. inability to transcode anything above SD quality requires a lot more user end knowledge than most of my family has. I will likely build some new hardware into the box to fix the transcoding issues, however I still am not sure windows 10 (even if I get pro this time) will be my best option for a headless OS. I need somthing that can file transfer seamless but not cost me much in software license. im working on a budget for this file server and don't need to spend for fancy features in a NAS os. Im not a fan of Linux mostly due to poor experiences with the community in the past and low hardware support for special functions like VCE decoding on my amd hardware... What do you suggest? Am I on the right path to just put win 10 pro in for the new hardware next time?
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 April 2020, 13:30
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Software Review of the TP-Link Archer MR600 AC1200 WiFi 4G SIM Router

Discuss: Software Review of the TP-Link Archer MR600 AC1200 WiFi 4G SIM Router
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NAS for transcoding on a budget?

Hi, In these times of quarantine, I would like to offer my 90 year old Dad in self-isolation some entertainment in form of old classic movies he'd enjoy. The idea being, I want be able to send him URL links to movies I have on my NAS and that he could then click on to start playing them on his PC or smart TV. Or if possible and even better, have him browse remotely from his home a folder on my NAS where I would put all the old movies that interest him. As I'm sure you can imagine when dealing with an 90yo, it has to be VERY simple (point & click). I have bought a Synology DS215j only to discover after that it won't allow me to share my movies with him (or transcode as I've now learned it's called). Could you please tell me which NASes would be able to do this? Ideally, I would like to look at the 2nd hand market for this, so some older NAS would be my first choice to keep the cost down (I'm not made of money, especially in these trying times!). I mainly have 720p movies encoded in HEVC/x265 and x264 in mp4 and mkv container and the occasional avi file. Until now, I have only researched my options in the Synology DS range and what I came up with as suitable, which might not be exhaustive are the Play series and the Plus/+ series starting from the 215+. And the 715 as well. Are there others? (again, in the same price range and I don't need anything more than a 2 drive bay). And then there are the QNAPs which I know nothing about so if you could offer some suggestions based on what I've explained above? From what I understand, these are the two main leading brands when it comes to 'serious' quality NAS offering more flexibility and reliability (once I have one, I would consider maybe setting up a mail server for myself as well as backups for the whole family). Thanks in advance! (I would have posted first in the forum but I saw so many unanswered questions, I just thought I'd have better look this way. Cheers, Kenneth
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NAS Noise Levels - What Makes a NAS Noisy?

Discuss: NAS Noise Levels - What Makes a NAS Noisy?
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Https:// The statement was made in this article about the thermaltake wp200 case has the capacity for 60 drives. Please enlighten you have any links on this? Or other information? Thanks for the time William
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What is a Smart AI Camera? And Should You Buy One?

Discuss: What is a Smart AI Camera? And Should You Buy One?
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SimCam 1S AI IP Camera Software Review

Discuss: SimCam 1S AI IP Camera Software Review
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Home cloud?

Hi, I want to set up my own cloud storage for photos, music and video. I need the device to sync / backup various devices iPhone, Android phone, galaxy tablet, iPad, W10 laptops. I want to be able to map drives for simple drag and drop of files. I also want simple app and web access for when i am out over the internet. Video to TV either WiFi, HDMI. Finally the reason for 4+4 is that i want 4GB and I want to back it up in case of hardrive failure so im thinking two bay. I want my partner to have access over apps / internet, i also want to share folders with other for either collaboration or view only. I have looked at WD and Synology and struggling to asses if they will do what i want
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 23 April 2020, 00:05
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Multimedia NAS?

I am looking for something with 4-9 bays total. I really want 4-6 of 3.5 drives with the ability to add ssd's(2.5 or M.2) for caching. I do not need to have 10GbE. This will mainly be used as a multimedia NAS for video. I am looking for the ability to stream 4k(direct play with Kodi) and would like it to be able to transcode 4k(Plex) if it is needed. I currently have a Terramaster F4-220(Intel Celeron J1800 dual core with 2GB of DDR3) and it struggles to direct play 4k and it will not transcode it at all. I would prefer DDR4 for memory(assuming it would add longevity to the device) but it is not a requirement if you do not think it is needed for a multimedia NAS. From the little I have seen/demo’d I prefer QNAP OS over Synology but am open to either. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I am new to NAS' and still learning. Thanks again.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 April 2020, 19:50
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7 Fun Things to do with your NAS Whilst in Self Isolation

Make the Most of your NAS whilst you are on Lockdown Let's all be clear about this - COVID-19 absolutely and categorically sucks. Been the ever-growing concern we have for our family and friends, as
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Recommendation of new NAS?

Hi Mr Andrews, We are currently using a Synology DS215+ (bought in 2015) with 2 pcs of HGST DESKSTAR NAS HDD , 3.5" 4TB 7200RPM 64MB 3 CACHE SATA HDD. The disk usage is currently at 30% on RAID 1. We are using an external HDD casing with another 4TB HGST DESKSTAR NAS HDD as backup. The NAS is getting a little slow for our liking. The HDD are working fine and the DSM shows them as "Normal". We are using the NAS to store documents and PDF/CAD drawings. No multimedia (FHD/4K/8K), VM, surveillance required at the moment. Do you have any recommendations to upgrade this NAS? BTW, we are a SME (small-medium enterprise). PS: Resource monitor showing swap in/out data as 0 kb/s (in and out) , Total: 2Gb, Used: 109.6 MB, Utilization: 5%.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 April 2020, 16:15
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Asustor -emby via hdmi?

Hi, sorry to message you but Ive been a laughing stock on the asustor forum. i recently bought an Asustor AS6302t after reading the very good reviews from your website. (cheers very good youtube vids) however I think ive been duped... (probably my own stupidity) i wanted a nas with hdmi , due to my logic i thought if i connect the nas via hdmi to my LG smart tv i can watch movies stored on the nas via hdmi... so in my logic it wouldnt be streaming over local network. mny setup is as follows. emby server installed on nas my movies copied to nas emby library is pointing at my movies. the asusstor portal is installed on nas and when connected via hdmi i can see protal on my LG tv i installed emby on the portal. i can connect to the nas but its obviously streaming over my internal LAN sorry for long message... youre probably laughing at this stage.. If my nas is connected to my tv via hdmi, shold the movie be piped down the hdmi NOT sctreaming over the network... or have i totally got my logic back to front!? cheers iain
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 April 2020, 12:30
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Buyers Guide to IP Cameras for the Home NVR and NAS Surveillance

Discuss: Buyers Guide to IP Cameras for the Home NVR and NAS Surveillance
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Asustor 5304T Ram Upgrade?

Hi, After watching your video about 16GB upgrade, wondering if the J4105 Celeron can handle frequencies above 2400Mhz. Looking at Crucial Ballistix 3200Mhz or Kingston HyperX 2666Mhz Both 2x8Gb kits
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 April 2020, 09:25
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NAS for 4k movies via Plex or other?

Dear reader, I am a novice when it comes to setups using NAS and media players such as Flex. I have tried to investigate myself what setup would work, but find myself lost in the digital wording and specs. Hopefully you can advice. My setup is as follows, I just purchased a brand new 2020 model Samsung QE65Q95T which of course supports a host of apps via the Tizen (android) UI, but those apps generally are Netflix, Amazon etc. Great stuff, but not always the content I want. I also have a PS4 Pro 1TB purchased in 2019. So, as is allowed in the Netherlands for personal use, I use news servers to download movies, this also allows for 4k HDR sized movies, the problem is often the format as this can come in a wide array of formats incl. MKV... Normally I would connect my small Dell laptop from work to the TV via HDMI and watch downloaded movies via MKV player. This laptop however, does not support 4K or Dolby DTS etc. Hence, that will no longer work with the new TV for true 4k HDR experience. First I was looking at the Nvidia shield Pro as a potential media player, but this might be overkill given I have the PS4 which is able to handle 4k HDR. Then I read your post that PS4 also allows Plex, so that could be a way to "play" the downloaded content. The PS4 here, only acts as the "dvd player" I believe, so I would still need some NAS setup where the movies are stored and streamed from (using Ethernet cables of course). This is where I need advise, because I am not sure what would be best for a NAS given the type of formats downloaded and also I read issues about subtitles causing issues (which are either backed-in or SRT. files) due to "trans-coding" ? I want to avoid this of course. One last note/question, Currently I have a glassfibre network connection coming into the house and the router is located near the front door in a broom closet, from there there is a cat6 cable pulled through the walls and neatly shows up close to the TV, however this is just 1 cable. Our TV box requires the Ethernet cable, so would a "netgear or other" type of network switch work to allow me to have a wired connection to 1: the TV box, 2: the PS4 (guessing 4k does not work over Wifi) and 3: potentially the TV itself for other 4k apps. Sorry for a long story, but hopefully I have made the setup issues clear. If you can advise on this, I would be grateful. I am open to different types of suggestions, now you have the full story. Also budget wise I am flexible, if a more expensive setup is the only solution, then I can look into that, but just having spent 4,500 EUR on the TV and sound system + cables etc, I would prefer to keep it slightly affordable haha. Thanks again, Kind regards, Cisco
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Formats for Video Streaming on QNAP?

Wanted to ask for some advice with a QNAP NAS. I have the TS219P II. I really want to be able to share some of my personal videos with friends and family. I puts some videos on the NAS and created a share link. But when I view this link.. I can't get it to stream the video. It plays the clip.. but with audio only.. no video. Are there specific video types that I need to have my clips in so they can be streamed? These are small SD clips.. so nothing crazy. Is there a setting I'm missing that will allow the NAS to stream the clips..and transcode if needed? Thanks much! -Peter
PE Peter555 asked on 22 April 2020, 06:01
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LevelOne GEMINI PoE IP Camera Synology NAS Surveillance Test

Discuss: LevelOne GEMINI PoE IP Camera Synology NAS Surveillance Test
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Help needed b/w 4TB WD Red Pro / WD Gold / Seagate Ironwolf Pro?

Hello, I currently own a QNAP TS-453Mini 8GB (original version) w/ 4x 4TB WD Red Pro (64MB cache) HDD's (all bought in 2016) 1 of HDD's failed this week and I'm looking to replace it ASAP. I was looking at the 4TB WD Red Pro vs the 4TB WD Gold vs the 4TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro HDD's. I'd need some advice on the following: - Can I mix HDD brands (i.e. 2x Seagate + 2x WD Red Pros) - Can I mix HDD's with different cache sizes? (Red Pro 64MB vs Gold 256 MB, or even Ironwolf Pro 128MB vs Red Pro 64MB, and so on) - Considering the recent SRM issues, are the WD Gold and Ironwolf models bound to be affected? - Is the WD Gold worth it for a 4bay NAS? All three drives are nearly at the same price right now, so that's not an issue. It's more on reliability. I replaced one of my drives 1.5 yrs ago already and now a 2nd one failed this week. That's 2 of the original WD Red Pro's in less than 4 years. Add the emerging SRM issues affecting WD 2TB-6TB HDD's... Thanks in advance!
ME Menvedidos asked on 21 April 2020, 18:52
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