NAS and UPS?

I seem to be having some issues down the UPS rabbit hole. Having looked over my options for a NAS (I'm thinking Synology DS920+ and x4 4TB drives at this point - thanks for all your videos on helping me ponder that one!) I seem to be having difficulty pinning down a good price/performance UPS with the right connectivity. My system parts of concern for the UPS would be the PC (Ryzen 1600/EVGA GTX1070 level), the NAS, one of my two monitors and my router. I've opted for your recommendation of APC and with an eye on budget was looking to the APC BX-1400U-MS - principally opting for this over my first choice of BX-1400UI which only seems to have IEC kettle connectors, where the former seems to have a combo of IEC and universal (I assume these are regular 3-pin looking at the pics?) which I would need for the router since it has an adaptor and no physical ability to be connected with an IEC, where annoyingly the rest of the hardware does. Would you say this model is a good choice? If so, do you have any leads on where to buy the damn thing? If not, what might you recommend given that I don't want to pay an arm and a leg (even being aware that this generally seems to be the way with UPS's)?
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 17 February 2021, 10:35
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Certifying / Validating NAS HDDs at Setup?

How may I validate / Certify individual HDDs during my QNAP setup. (Would like to start by making sure all new individual HDDs are in perfect working order and was not damaged during shipment etc. Would prefer a complete Read/Write verification test of all data blocks available through DAS products such as SoftRaid. BTW: I am setting up a new QNAP TVS-872XT with 8 Seagate Exos 14TB drives in RAID-6
PA Pamerasi asked on 17 February 2021, 00:59
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WD Red Pro vs UltraStar Hard Drives in 4 MINUTES!

Discuss: WD Red Pro vs UltraStar Hard Drives in 4 MINUTES!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 17 February 2021, 00:00
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Roon on nas?

I want to install Roon on ssd connected to a nas sinologies Ds 220+, how can I do it? Thanx for your advices.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 16 February 2021, 20:35
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NAS choice?

Hi, First of all I'd like to thank you for your videos and site. I found them on a random google search and they've been incredibly helpful, especially as someone who is quite hardware illiterate. I'm interested in getting a NAS but have had a bit of hesitation due to its relatively high cost plus my complete stupidity in the area. My use for the NAS is a wireless media server in my apartment, where I can access my movies and shows in any room on any device, as well as work related videos (and possibly PDFs?). My files are largely 1080p x265 or 264 and have almost no 4K files since I couldn't even take advantage of 4K until recently. One of my big problems is that my library is quite massive. I'd say it's around 10 TB right now, and that doesn't include any work or lecture related files as well as my data hoarding ways having to be tempered due to space limitations. I'm a bit unsure on what to get. Does it make more sense to get a 2-Bay due to the initial cost being lower and the ability to get more space? Or a 4-Bay since, y'know, 4 bays and all but the initial cost making the realistic drive choices much smaller? Am I also right in assuming that since my files are largely 1080p and it's just myself or at most one other person in an extreme rare case accessing the files, I don't need to worry too much about whether or not the CPU is good enough when thinking about solutions? Thank you!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 16 February 2021, 20:35
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I am setting up a TVS872XT NAS, and I am stuck- should I do a static volume or thick volume? I am using it for my photography archive, currently at 42 TB, and is growing fast. I have 6 16tb EXOS drives installed, and will do a RAID 6 configuration. Do I need snapshots? Or should I just make one static volume on the RAID? I know I will get better performance from the static volume, but do I sacrifice flexibility? Thank you, Ive been trying to figure this out for hours.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 16 February 2021, 11:40
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DS1621xs+ Maximum M.2 NVMe cache SSD?

What is the upper limit, in terms of speed and size for the two cache slots on a Synology DS1621xs+? Thank you.
DD Ddodge2 asked on 16 February 2021, 03:30
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Synology RS1221+ vs QNAP TS-873AU NAS Comparison

Discuss: Synology RS1221+ vs QNAP TS-873AU NAS Comparison
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 16 February 2021, 00:00
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DC Hardwire Question?

I need to direct hardwire a Synology NAS (DS 920+) to 12 V DC. I need to install it in my motorhome. The 'brick' that Synology provides has 120 V AC input and 12.5 v 5A DC output. So in theory, it should be possible to directly wire it into my 12 v DC system. I believe the brick uses a 5 pin DIN connector to the NAS. Does anyone know what the wiring schematic might be for that connector? Synology does not sell a direct wire kit and there is no doc describing the wiring. I could use an inverter, I know, but that is quite an inefficient way to go. 12 VDC to 120VAC to 12VDC. Thanks.
WA Wagwar asked on 15 February 2021, 18:39
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Rec for Rackmount QNAP w/10GBE and Plex?

Thank you for all of the information you continue to share. I currently have a QNAP TS-453Be that I intended to install in a new home construction but I've decided to keep it and get a rack mounted NAS for the new place instead. I will be using the new NAS mainly to run Plex, Home Assistant, and QVRPro with 11 POE cameras (powered by a separate Unifi switch). I'd like 10GBE, and the Unifi switch has SPF+ ports. I was planning on getting a four bay enclosure, mainly to save rackspace, but depending on your recommendation, I'd be open to going to eight bays. I would normally do a RAID 5, but is there an alternative approach you would recommend (separate drive groups for NVR, etc.)? Lots of questions here, but I'm happy to receive whatever info you can share. Cheers!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 15 February 2021, 17:45
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HDD Drives for TVS-872xt?

Hello, I am an aspiring music video producer (producing 4K-6K multi camera shoots) and am a subsciber to your truly informative YouTube Channel.. After some deep research have purchased a QNAP TVS-872xt and am considering the following HDD drives. 8x HDD - Seagate EXOS 14TB X14 drives (ST14000NM0018) 2x-SSD - Samsung EVO Plus 1TB NVMe Drives (MZ-V7S1T0B/AM) I would be grateful if you advice me on if these drives would seamlessly work on the QNAP TVS-872xt. Any suggested improvements to the above choices?. The QNAP Compatibility list seems to have an advisory note on the screw ports of the x16 Seagate Enterprise drives. Many Thanks for your help in advance!! Best.... Prasanna
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 15 February 2021, 16:50
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Itunes and iPhoto migration for new NAS user - very confused?

Hello, First thanks for the great videos on the site and for any help you all can provide. The videos helped convince my brother and I to jump into the NAS World. But I am about to blow my brains out! I have spent hours scouring you tube and the internet looking for simple clear step by step advice on how to (1) move my music library from iTunes to the NAS. Should I mirror the library on my old iMac? Give up on iTunes and go all in on either Audio Station or maybe Plex? If I move exactly which files must be part of the migration? Why use the iTunes server app on the NAS - does it offer advantages over audio station? Or should I skip the Synology apps and go straight to Plex? (2) Same questions essentially for photos and home videos. They are a mess now and in different file formats some that the iMac will not read (think old camera phone videos from 18 years ago). Mirror iPhoto or move it all to the NAS? I assume it will be best to go to Moments to have that program clean up and organize things. At that point do I move the cleaned and organized files to photo station? I am surprised there is not more hand holding in Synology's setup to help newbies like myself. Any help or guidance or resources would be appreciated. Thanks again for the videos
DC Dctrimble asked on 15 February 2021, 14:13
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I can not decide between the Synology D220+ and Qnap TS253D

Dear, Thank you in advance for the free advice you are offering through this means. As google is greatly reducing their photo's service, I started searching for alternatives. After some research I found information about to the possibility of NASses and the role they can play here. I have seen some of your videos and red articles on your blog. These brought me to the following solutions: - QNAP TS-253D - Synology DS220+ - Synology DS720+ But I can't decide which one wil bring the most value. I will be using the NAS for the family (we are 5 people). The intend is to use the NAS as it where google photo's: - Whenever someone takes a picture with their smartphone, the picture is automaticly backed up in the "cloud" to her or his private spot, it is important that everyone has his or her own private spot for their photo's; - Albums can be shared and filled by users with read/write access in common family albums; - Albums can be shared to family out of the household circle (grandparents, ...) and friends without them having write access, only read access, in a very user friendly way, like the link you can make in google photo's to share (not everyone we share with has direct IT support at hands); - Perhaps, set up a vpn on the NAS used by the smartphones, whenever we use free wifi provided somewhere in the city. Altough this is not a must. Somewhere I understood that this is a functionality that could be provided by a NAS; - I will use 2 HDD's of 4 TB or 6 TB in RAID1 mode as this will be more enough calculating on the photo's we have today and what we will be having in the future. Further will the NAS be used as storage. As I have my pc or laptop where I use an SSD for the operating system and swap partition. There is a HDD for all the software and to serve as storage. This storage would thus go to the NAS. For me and for the other family members, again in their own private space. I am thinking of the Synology DS220+ as it is cheap and has a low power consumption (since the NAS will be almost 7/24 online). It seems to be enough for the use case I described but I am afraid it will not feel fast enough or it will fall behind in the future. I do have an extra 4G 2666 sodimm spare RAM which should be campatible (although it is not the recommended one by Synology) to give that extra boost. The DS720+ has a little more power (the processor is a little better) but comes with features that we will not use, I can not see, for example any benefit from the M.2 cache possibility in my use case. The QNAP TS-253D comes standard with 2 gig extra, I should be able to plug in the same spare RAM and it has a faster ethernet connection. It feels as if it would give a smoother user experience. But it uses more power and is more expensive. As for the Synology I have understood that creating multiple users accounts where everyone has their proper play ground is possible. And altouh I found that there are more user accounts possible on the QNAP, I could not find if it is possible to put screens in between user's play grounds. I am working in IT and am not afraid of even building my own custom NAS, but for my family the experience has to be smooth and out of the box. So, before going in and buying a NAS, these are the questions I have. Will the Synology DS220+ be enough for a good experience of a private "google photo's"? Or will we notice the QNAP TS-253D's extra power and can the QNAP handle the use case as described for each user and in a private photo play ground? Thank you!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 15 February 2021, 13:00
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Is a NAS suitable for computer backups?

I am currently using a 4 TB Seagate external drive to do my computer backup and was considering if I should migrate to a NAS solution in the long term. So far there are no plans for what this NAS will do beyond computer backups at home. The thing I find interesting is the redundancy and SHR technology from Synology as my current external drive has been with me for a few years already. If I do proceed, I will most likely find a way to reuse the 4 TB HDD from the external into the NAS, after copying the backups from it to the NAS.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 15 February 2021, 10:35
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Synology DS1821+ NAS ?

Hi I have an 18 terabyte hard disk and intend to buy 20 terabyte hard disk Does this product accept a hard disk capacity of 18-20 TB? Which models are compatible with such sizes of 20 TB Thank you
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 15 February 2021, 05:10
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2-Bay NAS - Before You Buy

Discuss: 2-Bay NAS - Before You Buy
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 15 February 2021, 00:00
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M.2 SATA drives not recognized by TVS-473e?

Hi, another hardware question. I am still setting up that new TVS-473e, following the videos by NAS COMPARES. To which I have subscribed--thank you. I have spent the last few days trying to determine why the NAS will not recognize the installed m.2 SATA drives for cache that I have installed in the internal m.2 sockets. Once installed in the sockets, the drives are grayed out on both the Storage Disks and Cache Acceleration tabs. If I click Locate, I do get a red colored slot id message on the display. I have installed two separate brands: an ADATA SU800 m.2 2280 SATA 6Gb/s SATA and a pair of Western Digital WD Red SA500 SATA SSDs. None were recognized by the NAS. I have verified the 4pin connector is properly aligned during each installation. I have moved the SATA drives back and forth between sockets. I have RESET the NAS. (I have viewed several youTube help videos.) Nothing I have tried has made the NAS recognize the internal m.2 SATA drives. I have called Western Digital support, who theorizes it is likely a NAS issue. I have ordered an SATA M.2 USB external case to use to test each drive for viability. I have also attempted to contact QNAP support. I have completed a service ticket and gotten a ticket number. Unfortunately, I have failed to speak with QNAP support in Pomona, CA due to an over burdened voice message system failure. I am so frustrated. I can say this has me totally stumped. In WIN10, I would initialize the drives next but I do not know if that is even possible with a QNAP NAS. Is there a trick that I am missing or do you think I might merely have a defective NAS. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 14 February 2021, 20:10
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Sharing a Media Server/Client Portal?

Hello. I'm trying to get the best use out of my Synology NAS. I am a videographer that needs to share videos with clients, and I would like to be able to share a link not only to download but to play a video through their browers. Simply sharing the videos files or folders is easy, but is there a way or an application within QuickConnect that acts like a "web portal" of some sort that I can send them, they can log in, download their video or just click play and view it in their browser? There is a similar service to this offered by MediaZilla, but I would rather not pay for that since I already have a Synology NAS, I figured there would be some way to set something similar up. I've tried the Video Station app, and it kind of works, but it's not quite exactly what I'm looking for. You can share a video and play it in your browser, but it's lacking the download feature and you can only share 1 video at a time instead of sharing a folder. Hopefully that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 14 February 2021, 19:35
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Choosing the right NAS solution fro me?

Hi, I have a small home business and looking to replace my external USB drives with a more reliable backup and filesharing solution. I only have about 400GB of actual business related data on 2 external drives: one contains the original data and the second is a backup. I also looking into occasional remote access of this data by a part time employee. I would like as well to use this NAS to hold my about 200 GB personal photo collection which I can access from my personal iMac. I use a Windows 10 laptop for business. And finally, I would like to use a cloud based backup using my iCloud (500GB) or/and OneDrive account (1TB). Should I go for a 2 or more bay NAS? I understand that with only a two bay enclosure, I don't get redundancy in case of disk failure. My budget is limited to about 300CAD for the NAS without the disks. I appreciate your advice. Cheers!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 14 February 2021, 17:00
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SSD vs SATA for surveillance station?

Thank you so much for your fantastic review of the DVA 3221. It is by far the best review of its capabilities I have found. I have a DS920+ and started using surveillance station with three 6GB WD Red drives in RAID 5. I liked the interface and setup but playing anything back was a very slow process and I even switched to blue iris software for a while because of it. I upgraded the RAM and added two NVME drives but it was still painfully slow. I’m going to buy this DVA3221 through your link and upgrade the RAM but I’m trying to decide if I get the Synology SSDs or just buy similar WD Red drives. Cost isn’t much of a consideration. Will it make a big difference in playback/scrubbing to have SSDs?
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 14 February 2021, 12:55
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