Synology HAT5300 Review: Requests and Recommendations?

Robbie, in the upcoming videos related to the Synology HAT5300 drive, please consider exploring the following topics. [1] Is the Synology HAT5300 8TB drive considerably louder than the 12TB model? Assuming that Synology HAT5300-8T = Toshiba MG06 and HAT5300-12T = MG07, the acoustic specifications (idle) published by Toshiba are 34db versus 20db. [2] Will the Synology HAT5300 16TB drive be approved for use in a DiskStation NAS? At present, the Synology HAT5300-16T only appears in the Synology Products Compatibility List for RackStation units. [3] Please compare a Synology HAT5300-8T against a Toshiba MG06, to contrast the performance of the ‘same’ hardware with different firmware. [4] When examining the performance of a Synology HAT5300 drive, please vary the number of simultaneous clients in a multi-user RAID environment. According to Synology’s data sheet for the HAT5300, the drive does not deliver better performance than others when the number of clients is few. Thank you.
DA Datanas asked on 24 February 2021, 22:25
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Drawback for SSD?

I was planning to use a Synology NAS populated with four 2TB ssd for use in my motorhome. I think the SSD will not be affected by the bumps and vibrations of a moving vehicle. Now I am questioning the wisdom of doing this because of the 'volatility' of data stored on an SSD. Do SSD need to be "ON" at all times in order to prevent slow loss of data? I have seen some online information that SSD will begin to lose data if they are stored and not being used. Is this true? how long can they be 'off' before they begin losing data? Any help you can offer will be appreciated.
WA Wagwar asked on 24 February 2021, 18:30
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Home NAS ?

I'm a total NAS newbie. I am in the middle of scanning precious family photos that I cannot afford to ever lose, tax information, and maybe at some point movies. I liked Drobo but it looks like they're no longer investing in that product. Synology is super expensive so I am looking for something not too cheap but also reliable - I heard Drobo actually checks the health of the harddrives and automatically backs up data to another if it thinks failure is imminent. Also looking for something that works with Plex. Any helpful advice is appreciated.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 February 2021, 17:00
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¿The Quietest 8 or 10 TB drive?

Looking for the quietest drive of all. I will be using it at home, in the living room, next to my working table and where the family eats and watches TV... I need 8 TB drive... I have seen the Wstern Digital Red... Where does stand the Synology HAT5300-8T 8TB HDD 3.5" Edición Enterprise NAS 256MB in this chart on this page of yours? I have watched all your videos on this new drive but I´m undecided... Thanks for your advice. Many thanks, Best Carmelo
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 February 2021, 13:35
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I'm interested in the DS1621+. Curious is anyone has tried Kingston memory chips on this. I would like to use the same that I did on the DS920+ which worked great. What is the maximum memory that has been tested on this box. Any advice would be nice...and I can purchase it from you if you have a price. tks
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 February 2021, 03:35
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Need help pairing router for fastest lan and wan wireless access?

I have recently purchased a TS-453Be with 12Tb of storage, 16Gb memory, and 10Gbe card. I'm trying to figure out which Asus router will be the best pairing for this NAS. Considering the rt-ax86u or rt-ax88u, but the lack of multi gig ports tells me it's not the best choice. What router features will let me maximize the speed of the qnap, on wireless networks? Assume all my connected devices are wifi 6 capable. Any help is appreciated. I called Asus 3x separate times hoping to get someone knowledgeable, but they were clearly just reading off spec sheets.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 February 2021, 03:30
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Synology DMS 7.0 SSD Cache BTRFS metadata pinning?

Hello! I just wanted to share a quick video idea; With DSM 7.0, SSD Cache BTRFS metadata pinning was added. I was wondering a few things: - What is the performance impact (compared to it being disabled - aka "regular old cache") - this might require testing of certain specific workloads* - How does this scale as you add more storage? (i.e. I'm planning to upgrade to a bigger NAS next year with more storage, should I buy NVME SSDs now at ~1Tb (recommanded cache size for my 4x12Tb SHR1 RAID) or should I wait or get a larger 2Tb drive? Maybe with your contacts at synology you might be able to figure out what is the ration between cache size and volume size for BTRFS metadata pinning I hope this is a good idea and can help, Stefano *I'm thinking about their support article:
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 February 2021, 00:50
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Rackmount Plex Server?

Hi, So I've hit a saturation point with my current set up. Currently a PC running 24/7 with an i7-6700K with 32gb RAM. It has on M.2 hard drive running OS and 3 x WD Red 10TB running software Raid 5. I have been looking at different options to upgrade but within depth constraints in my cupboard (50cm+/-) I'm about to install a adjustable rack in there which will allow me to rackmount my gear and have it neatly accessible. This is important to me as I work internationally and whilst I'm away my wife needs clear and easy access to the equipment if I need her to troubleshoot something. Firstly I thought, no worries, I can get a RAID controller and rackmount case and move everything in, but I haven't been able to find a rackmount case with a depth of around <45cm and fit all the equipment inside. So I've turned to looking for a rackmount NAS just to store my movies, tv shows, etc. and then move my current PC setup into a small rackmount and use that as the PLEX server connected both with 10GBE to my UDM-Pro. Now after watching your NAS compares youtube channel I'm thinking, well wait, maybe I can find a rackmount NAS that will do the whole thing. I've used one before my current set up for quite sometime until I started running into problems with transcoding, it worked perfect but was just too old to keep up with newer codecs that were coming out. I'm currently stuck on two options and need some help if possible! Option 1 - NAS for PLEX I've been looking at the Synology RS1221+ or the QNAP TS-873AU but am not too sure what they'd be like running PLEX. I'm twisting more towards the QNAP (because I've owned QNAP before and enjoyed the experience and know expandability is better than the Synology). Then I'd still run my PC but more for downloading duties and would be able to turn off if not required. Option 2 - NAS purely for storage Do I look at something like a lower end rackmount with 10GBE, like a QNAP TS-832PXU purely for storage and upgrade the video card in my current PC setup and continue running PLEX from that. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm currently in hotel quarantine in Australia and have way too much time on my hands and it's taking up most of my thought process at the moment haha. Thanks again
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 February 2021, 00:05
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Seagate EXOS Data Center HDD Noise Level Test

Discuss: Seagate EXOS Data Center HDD Noise Level Test
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 February 2021, 00:00
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Synology DS 1520+?

I am looking for two identical NAS boxes which I will run in my two houses as copies of each other.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 23 February 2021, 23:15
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Multiuse Home NAS?

Hello, I decided to get my first NAS for improving my back-up strategy, save old DVD Data before it is to late and use it as media server. I want to use it to stream videos in my network on my Smart TV and it should also be possible occasionally to stream with a mobile device via the Internet, so transcoding is not completely unimportant. The videos currently does not exceed the 1080p quality, but it would be great for the future if streaming of 4k files in the network is possible. I don't expect live transcoding of 4k video data. The housing should have 4 to 6 bays for 3,5" HDDs. It's not fixed that it has to be a Sonoly NAS, but I really like the possiblities of the DSM. Best Regards and thanks
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 23 February 2021, 18:45
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Viewing and linking subfolders to media libraries using PLEX?

I have purchased a Synology NAS and am trying to set it up as a PLEX media server. I have followed the instructions in the video you created ( and got to the point of linking the media type subfolders to each media library I am creating in PLEX. However, when I use the PLEX application on the NAS and try to point at the subfolder, I can only see the top level shared folder and not the media type subfolders I have created (movies, music, TV shows, and photos). Any idea why I cannot see these subfolders? I have tried refreshing, restarting the application, deleting/recreating the folders without success. Thanks for your help.
ME Mendelspeas asked on 23 February 2021, 17:09
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Synology RS1221+ NAS 1080p & 4K Plex Tests

Discuss: Synology RS1221+ NAS 1080p & 4K Plex Tests
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 23 February 2021, 00:00
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Is it true that if I buy the above nas I need to use synology branded drives?
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 February 2021, 22:10
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Buying my first nas?

Hi there, been watching your reviews and im completely stuck on what to buy... its really just want a nad for dl from my file share site for muisc and movies.. and possibly playing plex and maybe using office but thats about it.. was going to buy 2 bay.. but not sure and something handy for a novice like any help would be most appreciated
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 February 2021, 20:40
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NAS suggestion?

Hi NasCompares, I've spent the last few days looking at your Youtube videos and reading on your homepage to learn more about NAS. I've decided to get serious about my storage. In out household we have 3 PC:s a bunch of iPhones and iPads. I use OneDrive to sync between the devices which work great for each family members personal files. However, when it comes to saving photos that we wanna share all together it's not the best solution. My kids are also getting into video editing which generates a bunch of data that I need to store somewhere. Sooo, from watching your videos etc I figured a Synology DS720+ seems like a good choice. I've also learned at two WD Red Plus seems like a good choice (I want them to be silent). I use my onedrive account for the NAS backupfiles instead. Whats your opinion on this. Does it seem like a reasonable setup or am I missing out on something? Also, Do you think I should add some m.2 nvme memory to the setup (one or two, size?) I must say your videos are really informative and I've learned a lot. Thank you fat the effort! Best regards Daniel
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 February 2021, 18:25
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Confused between 220J and 220+?

Never even thought of NAS before google decided to take away free Photos storage. Just need a NAS at home for laptop/ mobile data and Photos back up. 95% of the time it will be one user only. No streaming video or plex requirements. Is 220J good enough for me for the next 5 to 6 years of use at home? Or do I need 220+? Thanks
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 February 2021, 10:00
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RAID 5 10Gbe Test - Synology HAT5300 vs WD Red Pro vs Ultrastar Hard Drive Comparison

Discuss: RAID 5 10Gbe Test - Synology HAT5300 vs WD Red Pro vs Ultrastar Hard Drive Comparison
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 February 2021, 00:00
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NAS Advice?

Looking to get a NAS for our 2 person home office event photography and graphics business. Currently use mostly MAC's but also connect with PC's. Need storage for accessing and working on files Lightroom, PhotoShop, PPT, Keynote. Currently have client final files stored online in Photoshelter. Original Files are on a DAS Drobo 5Dt with 6 6TB Western Digital Red Drives and then backed up in various smaller hard drives. Would like to get a QNAP or Synology connected to our network where access files from any of our computers wired or wireless. as our main storage device and then use the Drobo for Backup so we don't have to use so many smaller hard drives, while uploading the most important final files to PhotoShelter online. Other options such as accessing files remotely, VPN and other features that compliment modern technology (cameras, video/music streaming, security features) would be great but not sure about fitting in the budget. Would like a few recommendations and price ranges so I can think about the investment and compare. I have watched many of your very informative videos over the years -- I still am not sure which direction to go and technology and things change so fast so any recommendations would be awesome. Thank you very much. Joy
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 21 February 2021, 22:40
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HDD upgrade 211j to 220Plus?

Wished to purchase a DS220Plus, but according to Synology I cannot HDD migrate from 211j to 220Plus. Choice will the be 220j. Good idea? Please advise. It’s only for home use, bur 211j seems to be very slow now
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 21 February 2021, 10:40
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