Using Synology for photo management?

I am already using Synology DS918+, currently has 12 TB on SHR, will be upgrading that to 24TB. I want to start migrating my photos on Google Photos and iCloud to the NAS. I understand that DSM7 is still under beta testing. My question is as follow : should I hold off loading any photo to photo station or Moments until DSM 7 is fully released? I am also running Plex server on the NAS also do not wish to let any bug creeps into my Plex recording. thanks in advance Andrew

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 12 January 2021, 10:25
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New DSM7 operating system seems to be stable enough. If you did start moving your data from cloud platforms to your NAS, you would not need to do it again.

With a deadline June 1, 2021 I would start doing this earlier than sooner.

Here is some more info on moving Google photos to a NAS

I hope this helps.