Should I buy Synology DS118?

Hello, when I read your article Should You Buy The Synology DS920+ NAS In 2021? than I reallize that I want to ask you other Hamlet question: Should You Buy The Synology DS118 NAS In 2021? :) I'm waiting almost half year for the DS118 successor, but it does not look that it comes soon... Do you have any backgroud information related 1 slot NAS from Synology? thank you in advance

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 01 March 2021, 10:30
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I think they will release DS120 or DS121 this year. It is long overdue.

But to answer the question if it is still worth buying DS118 then the answer will be- yes. A replacement model will not introduce any new functionality. This is a basic NAS that is capable of streaming even 4K videos as long as you stick with Synology developed apps.

It is fast enough to serve as a backup device and file server and more. If that is not enough then DS220+ would be the next model up.

I hope this helps.