Rackmount Plex Server?

Hi, So I've hit a saturation point with my current set up. Currently a PC running 24/7 with an i7-6700K with 32gb RAM. It has on M.2 hard drive running OS and 3 x WD Red 10TB running software Raid 5. I have been looking at different options to upgrade but within depth constraints in my cupboard (50cm+/-) I'm about to install a adjustable rack in there which will allow me to rackmount my gear and have it neatly accessible. This is important to me as I work internationally and whilst I'm away my wife needs clear and easy access to the equipment if I need her to troubleshoot something. Firstly I thought, no worries, I can get a RAID controller and rackmount case and move everything in, but I haven't been able to find a rackmount case with a depth of around <45cm and fit all the equipment inside. So I've turned to looking for a rackmount NAS just to store my movies, tv shows, etc. and then move my current PC setup into a small rackmount and use that as the PLEX server connected both with 10GBE to my UDM-Pro. Now after watching your NAS compares youtube channel I'm thinking, well wait, maybe I can find a rackmount NAS that will do the whole thing. I've used one before my current set up for quite sometime until I started running into problems with transcoding, it worked perfect but was just too old to keep up with newer codecs that were coming out. I'm currently stuck on two options and need some help if possible! Option 1 - NAS for PLEX I've been looking at the Synology RS1221+ or the QNAP TS-873AU but am not too sure what they'd be like running PLEX. I'm twisting more towards the QNAP (because I've owned QNAP before and enjoyed the experience and know expandability is better than the Synology). Then I'd still run my PC but more for downloading duties and would be able to turn off if not required. Option 2 - NAS purely for storage Do I look at something like a lower end rackmount with 10GBE, like a QNAP TS-832PXU purely for storage and upgrade the video card in my current PC setup and continue running PLEX from that. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm currently in hotel quarantine in Australia and have way too much time on my hands and it's taking up most of my thought process at the moment haha. Thanks again

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Yes, these quarantine rules can give some time for a though.

Here is a short depth rack list: BRAND MODEL FOR MHEIGHT (MM)WIDTH (MM)DEPTH (MM)HEIGHT (INCH)WIDTH (INCH)DEPTH (INCH) Qnap ts-431xeu 1U43.94438.91291.081.7317.2811.46 Qnap ts-451deu1U43.94430.02294.891.7316.9311.61Synology RS2171U44479.4295.51.7318.8711.63Synology RS81644430.5295.51.7316.9511.63Synology RS1219+2U88481.9306.63.4618.9712.07Synology RS1221+2URS1221+ : 88482306.6 RS1221RP+ : 88018.9812.07Synology RS1221RP+2URS1221+ : 88482306.6 RS1221RP+ : 88018.9812.07 Synology RS8191U44478327.51.7318.8212.89Qnap ts-1673au-rp3U132.08432.05372.115.217.0114.65Qnap ts-1273au-rp2U88.9432.05372.113.517.0114.65Qnap ts-873au2U88.9432.05372.113.517.0114.65Qnap ts-873au-rp2U88.9432.05372.113.517.0114.65Qnap ts-1253du-rp2U88.65482.09423.933.4918.9816.69Qnap ts-853du-rp2U88.65482.09423.933.4918.9816.69Synology RS815+44430.5457.5 441.7316.9518.01

Nothing will be better then your i7 based PC if you use it for PLEX. If you used first-party apps then 451deu would work with 4K. If you only have 1080p to transcode then this very same model or Synology plus series models would do the job.

You would need an i7 or Xeon based NAS to compete with your PC.

Adding 10GbE based NAS is indeed a solution if you have a PC that works already and you need more storage space. You can link your Plex with this storage space.

I hope this helps.