Need help pairing router for fastest lan and wan wireless access?

I have recently purchased a TS-453Be with 12Tb of storage, 16Gb memory, and 10Gbe card. I'm trying to figure out which Asus router will be the best pairing for this NAS. Considering the rt-ax86u or rt-ax88u, but the lack of multi gig ports tells me it's not the best choice. What router features will let me maximize the speed of the qnap, on wireless networks? Assume all my connected devices are wifi 6 capable. Any help is appreciated. I called Asus 3x separate times hoping to get someone knowledgeable, but they were clearly just reading off spec sheets.

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 February 2021, 03:30
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AX6000 is a faster router thanks to an additional antenna. It also comes with more LAN ports.

RT-AX86U comes with a single 2.5GbE which is still much slower then 10GbE and you will need an additional switch to add extra LAN ports.

Either way, none of these will benefit from 10GbE connectivity.

You should consider RT-AX89X that comes with dual 10GbE and WiFi6. This would be the best option. You can connect a NAS and a PC or simply distribute incoming 10GbE via several 1GbE LAN connections.

I hope this helps.