NAS suggestion?

Hi NasCompares, I've spent the last few days looking at your Youtube videos and reading on your homepage to learn more about NAS. I've decided to get serious about my storage. In out household we have 3 PC:s a bunch of iPhones and iPads. I use OneDrive to sync between the devices which work great for each family members personal files. However, when it comes to saving photos that we wanna share all together it's not the best solution. My kids are also getting into video editing which generates a bunch of data that I need to store somewhere. Sooo, from watching your videos etc I figured a Synology DS720+ seems like a good choice. I've also learned at two WD Red Plus seems like a good choice (I want them to be silent). I use my onedrive account for the NAS backupfiles instead. Whats your opinion on this. Does it seem like a reasonable setup or am I missing out on something? Also, Do you think I should add some m.2 nvme memory to the setup (one or two, size?) I must say your videos are really informative and I've learned a lot. Thank you fat the effort! Best regards Daniel

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 February 2021, 18:25
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Yes, Synology is very easy to set up and use. DS720+ is an expandable model allowing up to 7 drives. It also comes with 4 core processor allowing multiple apps to run in the background. It also has no limitations on apps that can install and run.

Synology Drive will easily replace your current cloud provider with much better functions including sharing files and versioning. This will be your own cloud without monthly subscriptions. You can create separate accounts for each user to keep things tidy.

Red Plus drives will be the best choice. But M.2 cache might not be something you need at the start unless you plan on running a web server, virtual machines or maybe Plus. You can add this later.

I hope this helps.