Nas for Moments Professional Photog?

What nas, for professional photo storage of only edited files? I have other NAS systems where i host and work on RAW images and video files. I am looking to have a seperate unit that is dedicated only to hosting the final edits for clients and design team to access. Hosting 3 copies of each file, 1MB jpg 10MB JPG and 30 MB TIFF files, I already have a remotely connect moments catalog running on our synology ds3617xs and looking to recreate the moments photo experience transitioning from a a ds3617xs at the most affordable rate. Looking for a unit that provides a smooth moments viewing experience

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 12 January 2021, 19:55
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You could also use your DS3614xs for storing your finished photo projects. But if you want to keep things separate then cheaper NAS will do the job. I would still recommend sticking with multimedia friendly chips that you can find on DS420+ / DS920+.

New plus series models feature SSD cache which is also beneficial when accessing the same data often. These files then get copied to this faster storage media. Also, dual LAN speeds up data transfer speeds and allows more users to connect at better bandwidth speeds.

I hope this helps.