NAS Advice?

Looking to get a NAS for our 2 person home office event photography and graphics business. Currently use mostly MAC's but also connect with PC's. Need storage for accessing and working on files Lightroom, PhotoShop, PPT, Keynote. Currently have client final files stored online in Photoshelter. Original Files are on a DAS Drobo 5Dt with 6 6TB Western Digital Red Drives and then backed up in various smaller hard drives. Would like to get a QNAP or Synology connected to our network where access files from any of our computers wired or wireless. as our main storage device and then use the Drobo for Backup so we don't have to use so many smaller hard drives, while uploading the most important final files to PhotoShelter online. Other options such as accessing files remotely, VPN and other features that compliment modern technology (cameras, video/music streaming, security features) would be great but not sure about fitting in the budget. Would like a few recommendations and price ranges so I can think about the investment and compare. I have watched many of your very informative videos over the years -- I still am not sure which direction to go and technology and things change so fast so any recommendations would be awesome. Thank you very much. Joy

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 21 February 2021, 22:40
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I think you will need to start with speed requirements. If you used to edit directly from your Drobo then you were getting USB speeds, Switching toa NAS with a 1GbE network connection would slow the transfer speeds down to around 100MB/s (instead of 450MB/s via USB).

People choose Thunderbolt NAS models such as TVS-672XT /872XT to connect directly and still have network access at the same time for sharing.

Alternatively, people can go for 10GbE ready/ upgradable models such as TS-453D. This is another way to keeps the speeds similar to USB.

When choosing your NAS I would consider looking at models with PCIe slot.

I hope this helps.