Plan to scan my many negatives with a photo scanner and then save them on a NAS. My problem is that many digital photos are also on both Google Photos and One Drive. I am unable to bring them together on, for example, Google photos and then transfer them to a NAS. To then also remove the duplicate photos. My knowledge of a computer is limited so that a NAS, of course, shouldn't be too difficult. Perhaps you can provide me with good advice, for which I thank you in advance. With many greetings from Germany.!

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 12 January 2021, 19:55
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I would certainly recommend any Celeron based NAS such as DS218+ or DS420+. These models feature artificial intelligence functions. This will simplify organizing your photo library. You will be able to find photos based on people, places and objects as well as locations and timeline.

If you like Advanced settings and configuration options then Qnap would be even better choice. TS-251D or TS-451D2 would allow some photo and other file organizing automation. You can set up rules on what files get moved, deleted or copied.

I hope this helps.