Multi channel (7.1) output from HDMI?

Great review, thank you for that! (I've also watched the various Youtube reviews for the hardware as well as software side, where you looked at the HDMI output on your monitor) I was curious as to whether the HDMI port is able to output multi channel sounds, i.e 7.1, over various codecs. I read somewhere that the native app had its license expire, so multi channel with DTS, atoms etc were missing. One of the main purpose of the NAS will be to act as a media centre as well with lcoal files as well as Netflix, directly connected to a Denon AVR with a 7.1 set up. thks!! If The Nimbustor 4 can do this, are there any other NAS that can do the same, but better?

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 12 January 2021, 18:15
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The last time I was checking, Asustor did support 7.1 channel sound. But have a look at your Denon AVR, if it has an Ethernet connection, it very likely supports DLNA. Streaming over the network would be much easier. There would also be no limitation on a NAS side and rather on the amplifier side.

Asustor Nimbustor models are indeed a good choice because they feature the latest HDMI2.0a connection. Other NAS brands do not do that and therefore HDR content is not something others can stream via HDMI.

I hope this helps.