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Hi Rob, QNAP sound like the system for me. Looking for 2 x 2TB (mirror) just network drive SSD? For €500? Hmm. Just checked and 1x2TB is €250... Query /envisaged NAS use: MAC Time Machine backup (over SMB?) Windows pc backup - straight forward NAS for all photos and accessed by mac/pc/android/iphone 2 home users 10 family members around the world with some folder access Android and iphone to backup / transfer photos to NAS Android/iphone to access NAS over Internet As I have today, selected folders are synced to cloud so same data can be accessed from multi devices. VERY IMPORTANT For photos I want to physically backup onto M-Disk. NAS software that "knows" what are new photos and gets them ready for the next M-Disk backup (M-Disk is 100Gb) Appreciate your support. If there are affiliated links for QNAP and Seagate ironwolf RED would be grand. P.s. if near the same budget (I could add a few hundred) for 2× 2TB SSD. Worth it in terms of performance? My Apple Time Capsule 500Gb HDD is a little sluggish when accessing doc folders. 30 sec for drive to wake up, spool up, secure connection, read data, send folder structure etc. Maybe it is just old. Thanks again, Donovan

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Qnap will do all of this. Maybe Windows backup would be slightly better achieved on a Synology. Qnap allows you to backup any folder including all C: drive.

Synology would back up the entire Windows and create a recovery boot disk to get your data recovered.

Apart from that Qnap model such as P3 or 230 will be a cheap option to back things up,ts-230&ref=product_overview

Adding SSD would speed up small file accessing and searching. But general HDDs are not too slow anyway.

You can also backup your phones and organise multimedia with the Qmaggie app which is great.

Backing up from external storage devices is easy and you can choose the incremental option. This will only backup the changes.

I hope this helps.