Home NAS ?

I'm a total NAS newbie. I am in the middle of scanning precious family photos that I cannot afford to ever lose, tax information, and maybe at some point movies. I liked Drobo but it looks like they're no longer investing in that product. Synology is super expensive so I am looking for something not too cheap but also reliable - I heard Drobo actually checks the health of the harddrives and automatically backs up data to another if it thinks failure is imminent. Also looking for something that works with Plex. Any helpful advice is appreciated.

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 February 2021, 17:00
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As a simple backup/file storage solution, DS218j / DS218 would do a good job. You get two drives mirroring each other and keeping your data safe. The system does regular SMART checks and drives scrubbing to ensure data is safe. You also can install Plex and stream videos to the compatible TVs.

Most importantly you do not need to pay a subscription on monthly bases and you keep your data in your home.

I hope this helps.